How Can You Help Prevent Periodontal Disease?

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Are your gums red or tender? Do you seem to have bad breath? If so, you may be suffering from an early stage of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis. While this can begin as a mild infection, it could progress into a much more serious case the disease if it is not treated. Today we would like to focus on what you can do to help prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

One of the most common causes of gingivitis is plaque that builds up along the gumline. This can be prevented through proper dental hygiene routines like brushing your teeth and flossing. Brushing may remove plaque and bacterial deposits from your teeth and gums. Flossing can provide some additional assistance because it can reach places that your toothbrush cannot. You may also want to consider using a stronger toothpaste, but the best prevention method may be to come and see one of our dentists for your regular cleanings twice a year.

Periodontitis can develop, as previously mentioned, if your gingivitis is left untreated. This disease, however, may be more serious as it can lead to bone and tooth loss. Proper dental hygiene can help prevent this disease. You may also reduce your risk of developing this disease if you quit smoking.

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