Common Problems and Solutions With Dentures

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Have you gotten dentures recently? Are you experiencing some problems that you may not have been expecting? Today we would like to discuss a few common issues that you may experience when you first get your dentures, and we can offer a few suggestions on how you can deal with them.

Problems Eating
It may take a little practice for eating to feel natural after you first get dentures. They could slip a little when you bite or chew. Additionally, certain foods like seeds, may get caught underneath your dentures and cause discomfort.

For the first little while, you may want to practice eating foods that are easy to eat. Cutting soft foods into small pieces can make chewing easier, and you can keep your dentures more stable by chewing on both sides at the same time. In time, you may become more confident in your chewing ability, and you could enjoy the same kinds of foods that you did before.

Difficulty Speaking
At first, your dentures may seem foreign, and they could interfere with your speech. Getting used to moving your tongue around them to form familiar sounds can be challenging at first. However, with some practice, you can learn to speak with them as you normally would.

One way to help you adapt may be to practice speaking in private or with a close friend. You might also read aloud from a favorite book. Another option is to sing to some of your favorite songs. Doing these could help you get more comfortable speaking with your new teeth.

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